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I have found a hedgehog and I think it's unwell

Hogs are nocturnal so if they are out in the day this is often a sign that they are unwell. There is one exception - if it's a mum out on a mission collecting food or bedding for her babies. So watch for a while to see what they do. Take a video if you can.

If there is an obvious injury then they may need to be taken to the nearest vet.

Hogs often suffer from internal parasites such as lung worm. That can make them very unwell. It's normal for them to have the odd tick or two but if they have lots this can be another sign that they are not well. It is also normal for hogs to have fleas. They are host specific so will not live on you or your animals.

Hogs come in all sizes but if you see a hog in late Autumn the size of a mango or smaller they may be too little to make it through the winter.

If you find a poorly or small hog in late Autumn, wearing gloves put the hog into a box with a pale towel. Keep warm, offer water and call us for help on 07787 515296.

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